Why don't more recordings have soundstage outside of speakers

I always enjoy it when the recording has mixing that the instruments are well outside of the speakers.  I think it's really cool and what justifying spending extra dollars for the sound.  I just wish more recordings would do that.  Most of them would just have the sound from in between the speakers.

What are some of your favorite recordings that have an enveloping soundstage well outside of the speakers?
This has a lot to do with speaker and system setup not all about the recording. Speaker placement and room treatment have more to do with this. At least that’s been my experience. However recordings can be made to exaggerate this. Like Q sound on roger water Amused to Death recording. 
Try Amused to Death by Roger Waters. Every song on that recording is in Q sound. If you system is setup right you’ll hear thing to you far right and left and behind you. 
Same recording...different speakers, even from the same manufacturer will yield a different soundstage in the room. Much has to do with how the crossover is voiced, the size and shape of the enclosure, and the size and type of the drivers being employed.

Case in point. JBL display at CES a couple years ago had 4367 (15" two way with horn/waveguide) $15,000/pair, next to the newly introduced L100 Classic(12" threeway, 5" mid, 1" tweeter)$4,000/pair. Both being driven by Mark Levinson amp, they simply switched cables between speakers.

The recording was Eric Clapton, don't remember the album, but it did have "Tears from Heaven". The L100 Classic presented an image that was in front of the speakers...in the room, if you will. Very nicely balanced from top to bottom. When switched to the 4367, the music retreated into the box with virtually no dimensionality whatsoever. Very disappointing for $15,000...though the bass response stomped all over the L100. Not enough to make me ever want them.