Why don't more recordings have soundstage outside of speakers

I always enjoy it when the recording has mixing that the instruments are well outside of the speakers.  I think it's really cool and what justifying spending extra dollars for the sound.  I just wish more recordings would do that.  Most of them would just have the sound from in between the speakers.

What are some of your favorite recordings that have an enveloping soundstage well outside of the speakers?
Also has to do with microphone placement at the recording session. Many variables here. 
actually I have a new MacBook that has sound coming from the next room from the left and the next room to the right. Magic, but there it is.  no bass, or highs, but very effective mid
I don’t think a better system will change this that much it’s the setup of any system that will optimize the sound stage and imaging.   A mediocre system in the right room and setup right can do amazing things.