Why don't more recordings have soundstage outside of speakers

I always enjoy it when the recording has mixing that the instruments are well outside of the speakers.  I think it's really cool and what justifying spending extra dollars for the sound.  I just wish more recordings would do that.  Most of them would just have the sound from in between the speakers.

What are some of your favorite recordings that have an enveloping soundstage well outside of the speakers?
All the top engineers are accustomed to working with phase in a recording. I think the most interesting story I’ve run across was from Alan Parsons who explained how he got imaging on Dark Side of he Moon on a tiny little console and rudimentary gear.
By the way, how far are you guys sitting from your speakers?  I think the closer you are, the wider the soundstage?
Just a little further than the distance the speakers are apart. Just outside the triangle. 
If you get a very wide soundstage with some recordings, you know your system can do it. We are all at the mercy of the recording engineers. Most recordings are just so-so. 
Happy Listening!
From what i have heard only the bet recording have sound that extends way beyond the speakers but what i have noticed the most is that they are always mixed by the same engineers or on the same labels even mono albums can have an enveloping sound when well done. Try some command records or some 1988 to 2000 rock records mixed by bob ludwig or masterdisc.