Why Don't you hear more about Audio Physics Speakers??

Anyone with an informed opinion of this brand

care to comment?? Thanks



I owned the Tempos Plus a few years ago. I demoed the Avanti but didn't care for it. I thought about demoing the Midex but never did. For about a grand less I felt that my Bache Tribeca's are better sounding. 

Vana Ltd. is no longer the US distributor for Audio Physic speakers. According the the AP website it shows: "USA - We are looking for a new distribution in this area" but then under Canada und USA they list Tri-Cell Enterprises Inc.

The mid and upper range Audio Physic speakers look great and are well built. Unfortunately, their bass response is sadly lacking.  So, it really depends on the kind of music that you listen to.  But, if your music goes down to the lower octaves, the Audio Physics simply don't have it.  And, they are expensive.  So, I suspect that's why you don't hear more about them.  Finally, they have very limited distribution in the US, as was mentioned.


I think the Audio Physic speakers these days, e.g. Avanti, Codex and others, are among the best looking speakers I've seen.  It really helped that the got rid of the side firing woofers (now downfiring I believe), which made for a much smoother, neater look.   The new designs are so sleek and contemporary looking, and their wood finishes with that glass-like layer over them look really lux !

very well designed well built speakers... high resolution, terrific, vast soundstagers but a little lean with voices and lacking in bass weight and impact is what i recall from my various exposures to them over the years ... would benefit from subwoofer support despite their being fairly imposing floorstanders... like most speakers with some market success, they do some things very well, other things less so