Why Don't you hear more about Audio Physics Speakers??

Anyone with an informed opinion of this brand

care to comment?? Thanks



Tempo Plus here and I think all the superlatives of smooth and natural, big sound stage and disappearing speakers all apply.  I think I'm looking for just a bit more weight and thickness. I'd like things to be just a bit more palpable.

In my search to upgrade to Codex/Midex I spoke to a couple of dealers and neither seemed to be a fan of the manufacturer. (New  Ownership)  What i heard was they now had too many speakers models with too many versions I, II, III, IV, 35th anniversary etc and too many finishes but in the end it didn't matter as supply chain issues likely prevented any new stock in the US.  I suspect this is why Vana is no longer the distributor. I do think they are looking for another US distributor however. How long that might take who knows.  

I'm also on this thread now as someone looking to upgrade their AP to something new and finding Perspective Graphene in the conversation, but suspect they might be a bit out of my league!


jl35- Now there is something I was not aware of. Thanks!

My friend has the Classic 10's with a "Glass Wrap" -upgrade.

I first saw the glass and thought "WTF"! Horrible idea!

But when I listened I realized it serves a purpose.

He will sell them for $1,200. At that price they seemed unbeatable

for a 2nd room system. 

Will audition again on the 26th and advise my decision.


I have Avanti IIIs. I got a great deal on a pre owned pair. But they really didn't sound as great as any of what I read. Disappointing. I put them away. Then I actually read AP's set up guide and one day dragged them out and tried that. Huge difference. Then I better matched components, even better (4 different amps and settled on a Naim). Then I raised them a tad on higher spikes. Better. Then I added a sub. Which I thought I shouldn't need, which is one reason I got them. That was the final enhancement. They sound better than anything I own or owned. Really beautiful on well recorded classical and jazz. But....a big but....that room is only that. If you are someone who can be a slave to a single sweet spot which the whole room and all your stuff serves, go for them. But if you want to do anything else or sit anywhere else in that room you are better with something else. My room is the old playroom, cleared out with just bookshelves against walls the system against a back wall, the speakers pulled forward 9 feet apart and a chair 8 feet away centered. I have a desk on the back wall and if I sit at that desk, with the chair only about 5  feet beyond the "spot" I may as well be listening to the radio.

I own a pair of the Avantera IIIs for a couple years now. I own Focals, Raidhos, and Dynaudio and out of all of them these speakers sound the most like real instruments playing and real singers. It took awhile to get the right amplifier--currently the Hegel H590. With this amp they are a bit cool, but the sound staging is huge. Plenty of bass and a luscious midrange. They are in a gorgeous ebony finish (matte not gloss). Sadly, I must let them go as I am retiring and they will be too large for my new much smaller digs.

I have a pair of Audio Physic Avantera, bought dealer demos in 2019.  I think they are terrific.  I was moving to a different house, needed speakers to fit a 13 x 22 room.  Driving them with Esoteric amp and preamp.  Source is digital streaming.  Imaging is amazing, speakers disappear, and really can hear deep into the recording.  There's plenty of bass, its taut and tuneful not earth shattering.  Don't use analytical or bright cables because they can get a bit edgy, I use Cardas Clear.