Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?

Many of you ask others to advise you, but the answer to so many questions is system dependent.  Why don’t you post your system on your profile prior to requesting help?


I read as far as Toddsyr's instructions. Then followed the instructions.

The reason, and the only reason I haven't done it before, is that AG make it ridiculously difficult to find the place to do it! Before looking at toddsyr's post, I went to the LOGICAL place to find it, under one's profile - are you listening moderators? The method you've created here is maddness and not logical at all. It's like you're hiding it and actually DON'T want us to do it! Crazy!

Put an obvious link under our profile info, and not bury it somewhere illogical where no-one would look!

I am not a noob with computers, quite the opposite, and I used to build computers and websites for a living, so I have some experience, but where and how it's hidden is ridiculous.

Many MANY people are having the very same issue fiding the place, like eryoung2k above. And, Why MUST we post a photo of our sysytem?? WHY is that a requirement?


While for a handful of people this seems to have caused a problem, for a majority of us it took no time to figure out.  I am guessing that the problem is that you have never bought or sold anything on A'gon so never saw your username and drop down menu on the Audiogon Buy and Sell High End Gear page.  To be honest I don't why Audiogon moderators would be motivated to change the current situation to please those who have not supported the website with their business.  Noting that the cost of selling gear here has gone up.

Not sure why you think posting your system is a requirement, of course it's not.


Your guess is correct. I have never bought or sold on here, as it seems like a mainly USA based forum, which is no use for me to buy/sell as I'm in the UK.

The reason why the mods should be motivated is becausde there's a LOT of confusion as to HOW to do it, as it's not logical where it's placed at the moment. Maybe if one goes from the classified section it may be obvious and logical, but from the main forum page/place it's burried, completely unecessarily so IMO. Why?

It also seems to be a problem for many forum members in general, as this is why this particular post exists - members are complaining that others do not post what their systems are. If it was eisier to find, maybe they would. I attempted to do it when I joined, but couldn't find the place, so gave up.

I did not say that posting one's system is a requirement; I said that the requirement for posting a photo of one's system seems unecessary, to my mind. Why is it a requirement? Why MUST there be a photo?

There are many illogical things to this site; eg. why can't our response to someone's post be placed directly below that post, so everyone knows what/who your response refers to, rather than being pages and pages away? We all don't live on this site 24/7, every second to post an immediate response. So far this has three pages, but if I want to respond to a poster on the 1st page, it appears here, at the very end = illogical. Almost all forums on this planet do it logically, but not here. Your post shows a time of 01:26pm. There is no such time as that - it is either 1:26pm or 13:26. 01:26 is in the AM. Pedantic that may be, but it's a point about the people who run this site.

I'd be happy to post my system for reference in interactions but it is very difficult.


You bring up a great point about persons in far places not using the A'gon Buy and Sell pages.  Equally relevant really for anyone not using the Buy and Sell pages.

I may be mistaken about the posting of pictures, but I really think that I have seen system pages with only written descriptions and no pictures.

In any case have a great day.