Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?

Many of you ask others to advise you, but the answer to so many questions is system dependent.  Why don’t you post your system on your profile prior to requesting help?


I don't want to be robbed.

Now the bad guys know that you are a good target.  Best be safe and delete your post. 

To be sure, this chat room is truly wonderful, as it's filled with highly intelligent folks caught up in the madness of wanting to listen to their music with the best possible fidelity. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on it, too. I got to concur, though, that if you have any urge to transact business or look at pictures, it's the proverbial riddle caught up in an enigma.

coralkong -- thanks for the correction!!! I knew I had the cliche wrong, but when I went into google in an attempt to get the proper wording, I discovered that google ain't the best place to receive grammatical advice. Blame it on Saturday Morning brain freeze.