Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?

Many of you ask others to advise you, but the answer to so many questions is system dependent.  Why don’t you post your system on your profile prior to requesting help?



1. Go to the top of this page and click on the small triangle denoted with the red circle.

2. A dialog box will open. Click on "Virtual Systems".

3. On the Virtual Systems page that opens up, go to the gold banner at the top of the page and click on "Create System"

4. Follow the instructions.

So while we are shaming those who won’t post their systems, we might as well require people to update the photo every time they change a component.  Heck there is one poster here that must go through about 40 DACs a year.  I hope his camera is in good shape.

You are more wise than i ever could be...

I welcome you a second time... 😊

Happily, when one has no pride, they can feel no shame...


ok i see what you are doing now, trying to get free cocktails at my house ALOT sooner than 2041...