Why hasn't America discovered the Fertin sound yet

I just finish listening to a Fertin20EX in an open-baffle driven by a sonic impact-t-amp. It's just fabulous, incredible sound. If you ever have a chance to listen to a Fertin , you would know what I mean. You could listen for hours and hours . It's pure joy. In Europe, they sell a Fertin 20EX in a cabinet for 9500euros, this is approximataly 12,000.00Us if you add shiping and taxes. Here in the Us and Canada , you can get a 20ex for 3000.00Us even a bit less and you would spend 200 to 300.00 for your open-baffle. Get a good cd player and a 30.00 sonic impact and you will listen to music like never before.Imagine with a better amp- tube. It with be out of this world.How is it that people don't know about it. Ok, since a few months , I'm the distributor for North America. I have it coming, not another D... Are there any people , here on Audiogon that have the Fertin. Am I exagerating. The voices are scary real and I could go on and on. Just try it.
Anyway, what I wanted to tell Audiogoners is to try a new approach to music, that is the fielcoil-full-range-open baffle.Instead of paying for a box , you'll be listening to fantastic music.Last thing on these drivers, in your cd collection you will recognize immidiately the well recorded cd and others will sound terrible , same with singers, there will be some that you thought to be good and now you hear all the flaws in their voice. Well recordes cd will sound like heaven , others you won't be able to listen to them.
If you have 3 audiophiles listening to speakers how many opinions will there be ? 5

I would be interested in buying 25 pairs at a price reflecting what could be had directly from the manufacturer, and research and build baffles in order to sell the complete package. But I would not need a Canadian middleman that doesn't want to make any money
In todays world of internet,to know something, manufacture has to be active
in hifi forums,online hifi magazines,youtube.Pretend to be users and praise the product several years:))) Reading various forums all over the world I noticed that well