Why high-end cable manufacturers don't post measurements?

I'd like to get your take on why high-end manufacturers don't post measurements? would you like to see how a cable measure before ....does it matter to you?
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Good post but I think you’re wasting your breath with b4icu. I do not think he is capable of thinking outside the box, what we have here is your typical measurement nerd who will bent backwards to prove his superiority as a subject matter expert on cables. 
Cable measurements don't really matter, better measurements haven't always lead to better sound in our hobby.
Complex and "creative" cable geometries used by high-end cable manufacturers are used to alter the way a cable sound, this is what audiophiles want in a cable...to hear a difference!!! to add or subtract something that he sees as an enhancement to the performance of his system.
Why are measurements not posted? because many of these complex geometries measure poorly compared to the very basic double helix and coaxial design, this could be hard to explain for high-end manufacturers when their prices are many times more.
What I want to see more from high-end cable manufactures is better description of conductor and dielectric materials, guage, and design philosophy....something to compare one product to another. Otherwise, we are all just buying on reviews or hype alone.
First one has to understand the complexity of the question. Which is definitely NOT in the OP or any other thread of any similar bent.

the OP may innocently be asking a question, or ...may be purposely trying to ignite flames, to zipper excite the minds of those who are illiterate and desirous of self improvement, and all chock full of projection.

Answering the question..well..it requires the person to increase their knowledge and increase their capacity to discriminate, and increase their capacity to ruminate.

The damned mountain ain’t coming down to anyone -- any time soon.

One must raise themselves to it. Or be left in the seeming ceaseless churning stew of relentless illiteracy.

To fight and work one’s way out of it.... or be rightly ignored, for all the correct reasons.

I’d be a bit more kind than that but some don’t get the message about these things. Today..I’m not in the mood..so I’m a bit more harsh than usual.

For the incessant repeat offenders..the haters..well..tell me, gather close..tell me some more... tell me all about your lack of hearing discernment...

As a cable manufacturer, your post above is very disappointing and disconcerting. Wish you would have contributed positively than resorting to such pettiness. Are you having a bad day?