Why high-end cable manufacturers don't post measurements?

I'd like to get your take on why high-end manufacturers don't post measurements? would you like to see how a cable measure before ....does it matter to you?

As a cable manufacturer, your post above is very disappointing and disconcerting. Wish you would have contributed positively than resorting to such pettiness. Are you having a bad day?

How could it possibly be disappointing, as the hammer of projections and illiteracy, is, by it’s very nature.... relentless?

It’s like asking that I give all blood in all possible ways, to another. To give it and they don’t accept nor understand that they have taken.

To do so a thousand times over and when done, do it a thousand times over again. Without release.

And..somehow... if I don’t do so, I am. .. somehow ...petty and/or unkind.

The fact that I'm responding at all, means I do try, and I do care.

A person who refuses to listen and refuses to address the self with regard to increasing their own cognition.. is not worthy of being addressed. And invariably aren't.

That thing that most western people, in their very first semester of university or college, finally have to  come to grips with: no one is forcing them to be there.

They are paying to be there, and the projections of insolence, the desire to break free, the need to be against the enforced, the earlier enforced basic education system...to rally against the enemy, is gone. They have to understand that they are there by choice and desire... and to stop it with the projections and the ingrained behaviors that constitute their past.

So. Like the combative campus participant who refuses to realize this, they should expect to be thrown out and off the campus.

Like life it's self, it's an intelligence test, an awareness test, a cognitive test.
Teo, don’t worry about them. The haters only exist to hate. They’re not interested in objective thinking. Objective to them means whatever fits their narrow field of vision. Their ideas calls into question even their credibility to themselves, forget to anyone else. They cannot trust what their ears hear because it would violate the oath of their office of improperly used and applied measurements. I actually posted a video by OCD guy that showed measurements which disputed the many claims on the Audioholics I tube video about power cords and asking where’s the measurements. It was funny as there was not one single comment made by them. Not even the usual post saying it doesn’t show what they say, it shows x instead. They couldn’t because it was exactly the same measurements they have been trying to use to prove there are no differences in cables. Who knows, maybe that’s the reason for all their recent anger, their bubble has been burst. They’re the same guys who wouldn’t believe the earth was round even after it was proven that it was. And the moon landings were nothing more than a studio creation by the government. Lol
Why spend your time focusing on the naysayers....it's a lost cause, the majority on this thread are believers from what I can tell....And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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