Why I'm not adding a sub to my 2-way monitors for music


I've updated my blog post with more data, more analysis and the conclusion that in my particular case I do not need a subwoofer.  I encourage everyone who is on the fence about adding a subwoofer or not to read and comment.  I think that either way you'll be able to make more informed buying and configuration choices.

Everyone's situation is different but I hope the post helps you get to the right conclusions.



I’ve always said a sub belongs in a home theater set up. I have a very nice Tannoy sub that serves this purpose. My 2 channel hifi is composed of large Tannoys that, to me, do all the bass I would ever need. I am not habitually listening to a church pipe organ. However, I must say that an organ sounds pretty darn good through my Tannoys as is. My room is adorned with normal room treatments for creature comfort. There are no specific hifi based treatments, which to me, look terrible. I spend lots of time in my living/family room, so it must be pleasing to the eye. I have said often, soft furnishings mixed with hard, ie coffee table/end table, sectional couch, a plush chair or two, pillows, throws, even a wall tapestry. All these things, tastefully chosen and carefully placed, will accomplish the task of treating a room. Add or omit what is needed with commonly available house furnishings. I am pleased with the sound I achieved overall. Could it be a bit better? Maybe....I do not live in a mansion, so I will never have a dedicated room. So what I have is a nice compromise to keep all happy.

Nothing against those that choose to use a sub, to each their own. To me, it is over kill and not necessary. Most music contains nothing below say 40 hz...most speakers with say a 40 hz rating actually go significantly lower when interacting with the room. Lastly, you will never get the timbre to match the 2 channel speakers. To me, you are ruining the sound of a well designed 2 channel speaker. 

@soix - Can’t agree more that when you remove the sub, then you best realize what it actually contributes to your system.

In the same time Ihad the same annoying experience like @pennpencil having to constantly turn up and down the volume of the subs depending of the album or even the track. This was one of the reasons I got finally rid of the YG Anat III Professional Signature. 
i really wonder how can a sub be not too much or too litle once and again.

Adding a small sub to augment small monitors was one of my better decisions. 

2 major improvements that have left me scratching my head

* I sold 2 SVS powered subs: purchased new 10+ years ago, never designed to compliment a hi-end system, but I thought I needed them as my room is ~ 21 x 35 x 12 (open beam ceiling) with lots of glass front and rear, plus a tile floor, when I had Magnapan 3.5Rs

Also, I had my Emerald Physics 3.4s (2 way) 12" concentric drivers with 1" polyester tweeters sitting on Harbor Freight dollys so I could maneuver them easily, but once I got rid of the subs and moved the 3.4s some 2ft back, wrangling them off the dollys, and onto one toe (OUCH), then placed 4 each loaded Nobsound springs under them, the music became amazingly life-like. My LSA Voyager 350 has a lot more lower mids and bass then I was aware of. In most rooms I doubt anyone would need more speaker than these. They can be found used for under $1000!


Due to my room and cabinet I am restricted to using bookshelf speakers with 8 inch drivers. 

Adding a sub makes a more full sound. You also muddy the midrange if you are asking your speakers to play a 50hz tone along with a 1000hz tone