Why is better worse?

I really was enjoying my Denon DRA-565rd and thought that a DRA-755 would be a nice improvement. So disappointed! Mechanically and visually the 755 is awesome; no end play or wobble in knobs, cool veneer on sides matches my DP-47f. One problem, it sounds flat with no dynamics. Played some Deodato on the 755 and was not impressed. FM reception was not great either. The specs on the 755 were far better than the 565, so why the disparity?
So, now, I'm back to the 565 and hearing beautiful clarity.
Anyone else had this experience with a 755?


Specs can't really tell you how something sounds. These receivers are pretty old, aren't they? Do you know what their service history is?

No service history. What specific service might it need?

I cleaned the entire unit and cleaned with Deoxit also...

Looks like a 1980’s product. Dried out caps… and I’m sure other components. The cost then was around $550.