Why Is Krell the a bad work???

I am new in this cyber town. Please explain why Krell is such a hated word? Most every review of there products are very positive. In fact I have a 200 FPB and love it.
I'm actually starting to think that everybody that posts to Audiogon is actually the same person!!!!A deranged audio enthuasist with multiple personalties.....which means I'm not real...ah now everything makes sense......
c'mon ben, you're starting to sound like mr. eber. he thinks there's only one guy in cyberspace who dislikes his opinions/rants and sez so thru multiple user names. i agree that some of this stuff is repetitious garbage but, hey, it's likely heartfelt garbage. ;-0
Vegasears, just sit back and listen to the music and enjoy. No matter what you do someone is going to disagree, in particular on this web-site(no offense guys). I have listened to krell amps in my stereo they just never seemed to 'mate-up' as well as other products, does it make Krell junk? definetly not. I have heard some krell that sounds great, and if that is the case with your stereo(it sounding great) then there is absolutely no reason to make a changes. Enjoy your amp and happy listening.
I have never posted before which I think makes me a "lurker" in internet newsgroup jargon. But I can no longer sit on the sidelines and remain silent with respect to Krell. I received an extremely high pressure sales pitch from a NY dealer to chuck my beloved hodge podge of high end compnents for a Krell system and I think it SUCKS. I regret the day I sold my other equipment and I have never enjoyed the Krell stuff. I have found it hard, very bright and fatiguing to listen to through my B&W 800s which sounded magical with Conrad Johnson. It is true, Krell is overmarketed, over rated mediocre junk.
krell is good! owner of krell monos and pre,as with so many things ,its what you think is best that counts, dont let manipalitive people try to convince you other wise.let your ears lead you!