Why is my expensive streamer to my DAC better than sending Roon or my Mac directly to DAC

I recently upgraded to a Lumin U1-X and it really sounds great, the DAC is ARC CD9.  I was telling my son how great this upgraded unit sounds. He asked me " What does a streamer do, and why can't the Mac simple go directly to the DAC".

I was at a loss of words, other than I don't know but it sounds amazing.

Can anyone offer a better explanation? Thank you

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why can't the Mac simple go directly to the DAC

Nothing prevents you from connecting the Mac directly to the DAC.

The issue is noise a pc generates alot of noise this affects the data going to the dac a purpose built device delivers a cleaner data stream


We have sold most more streamers and have tested vs pcs and the dedicated devices all produced noticanly better sound

And there are a few tricks you can use to make your x1 even better


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To add on to @audiotroy post (he sold me my first legit streamer, an Innuos Zenith) it boils down to less noise and depending on the streamer's output method (usb v spdif) better and more reliably precise clocking. A multipurpose pc is better than nothing and a single purpose device (like a streamer) can be optimized for the job at hand. Alot of small things really add up. best wishes.