Why is my Krell fading out?

I have a pair of Krell FPB 350'S. When the music starts, one starts out fine, although with slightly less volume, but within 5 - 6 minutes the volume begins to fade and within 2 -3 minutes more there is no sound at all.

This sounds like a capacitor problem but perhaps one of you has had a similar experience or a solution.

I do not live in the U.S. so sending the amp back to Krell is not an option.
At this point turn it on to troubleshoot only. In most cases other transistors and circuit elements are safe.
Playing music maynot be safe though.
If DC cap is blown, than you'll probably see it visually, but transisors in the circuit are checked by comparison of voltage between terminals. Terminals of transistors are ID'd from part-no or may have visible markings of E, B, C(Emitter, Base, Collector). The task is to measure on all of them voltages between terminals. Please note that the negative half-wave transistors will have negative applied voltage.
Marakanetz: Thank you for your input. A friend with considerably more experience than I have is coming over with his tester.

I will share your words with him and see where it leads.

Again, thank you!