Why is there little interest in RTS couplers?

If they make such a difference in sound by using them in conjunction to a good rack, you'd think they'd be selling like hotcakes. Audiophiles continue to pack their rooms with weird and often ugly treatments that may make the sound worse sometimes in the hope of gaining a more realistic sound from the components they already own. Why have so few added this effective clamping system that is reasonably priced to each component on their racks other than the turntable? I have Sistrum racks and the technology of draining the vibrations in equipment to the ground quickly--thus improving all aspects of the sound. Granted, you'd have the 1" bar that is 1" wider in both directions than the component both over and under each platform/component. It also stabilizes the 3-pt. mountings a Sistrum platform so there is no way you can tip the component over by leaning on the edge of it. Then you throw in the transformed sound of your system to better in all performance areas, why again comes to mind. Are 'Philes so concerned about the looks of what's in their racks and the equipment in them that they don't want on bar on top of the piece and one more on the underside of the rack with a thin rod on each side of the unit/platform? Yet they'll lode the rack with all sorts of smaller tweaks (bricks, footers, balls, etc.) that don't make near the difference in sound the RTS couplers do and cost as much and more to boot. By the way, I'm no shill--I just was impressed with the idea, the practicality, and mostly the sound when I heard them and through in the price--well, I just don't get it. They provide similar benefits as the Sistrum racks for a whole lot less money. I'd be very interested in others that own the couplers and what they think of the sound--although it won't disuade me from getting 3 of these to go around my amp, preamp, and my cd player. Ya'll don't know what you're missing--and I can ya'll from SW Chicago 'burbs even though I'm from the north.
It's probably because us'll don't believe that RTS is the best way to go. Sometimes systems sound worse instead of better if components are tightly clamped. Plus it's ugly and could potentially mar a component's finish.

In my personal experience I've had great luck using different types of footers to achieve the sonic differences I'm looking for... and the particular footers I use are not real expensive. They actually don't need to be expensive to work well and what footer works well for one component might not be the best choice for the next one.

I'm glad you like your rack but as you know, as with most things, it's different strokes for different folks and there is almost always more than one way to achieve a disired result.
Have you actually heard a system prior to its use, and then at least 10 days after it's in the system to compare the sound?

The problem in my eyes is the inability for the company to do a QUICK before and after on the spot demo because of the need for settling in for many days to get the sound benefits. One would have to know someone's system quite well and have a revisit later to be dead sure of the positive changes.