It seems like when I see comments on high end gear there is a lot of negativity. I have been an audiophile for the last 20 years. Honestly, if you know how to choose gear and match gear a lot of the high end gear is just better. When it comes to price people can charge what they want for what they create. If you don’t want it. Don’t pay for it. Look if you are blessed to afford the best bear and you can get it. It can be very sonically pleasing. Then do it. Now if you are also smart and knowledgeable you can get high end sound at mid-fi prices then do it. It’s the beauty of our our hobby. To build a system that competes with the better more expensive sounding systems out there. THOUGHTS?


It’s old news.
 It has nothing to hifi, it has to do with money.

I drive a VW and you’re crazy for driving a Porsche. I drive a Porsche and think you’re stupid for driving a Lamborghini. I drive a Lambo and can’t understand someone driving a McLaren. He must have a little di k you laugh and say to yourself.

I have a Node and you have a DCS Rossini Apex.  You must be stupid for sending that much! No one can hear the difference anyway you say to yourself.

@curiousjim , I own a mint 2012 Jaguar XK convertible w/ 33k miles on it. It's parked in the garage for the winter (need to put the battery conditioner on it, actually).....

It's as exotic as I need. It's nice, yeah, it's pretty fast, just a very nice, fun car. I'm happy. I don't need anything more exotic. Does what it says on the package.

My point is......it's "good enough", and really, it's only me that needs to pleased with it.

I've never owned, nor driven a Ferrari. Nor a Lambo, McLaren (though there is a guy in town with a baby blue one), etc....I'm sure their specs are better. I'm sure they are more expensive, and heck, they're certainly "better".

I'm happy with what I have. I'm not jealous. I bought a nice piece of equipment, I don't need to justify it, it's exactly what I wanted, kind of a childhood dream that should be the end of it.

I wish more Audio folks would adopt that mindset.

I know this probably didn't make any sense, but hopefully .....

Buy what you like, enjoy what you bought. 


When I was a young lad, I saved up money from my part-time job and put my hifi equipment on layaway (from a high end store) and paid for everything in cash. Sometimes, it took the full 90-days to pay it off, but I did it. I don't think stores do layaways now, The equipment was a little above my league, but I made it work. I never went into credit card debt---I was so proud of my system (still am).