It seems like when I see comments on high end gear there is a lot of negativity. I have been an audiophile for the last 20 years. Honestly, if you know how to choose gear and match gear a lot of the high end gear is just better. When it comes to price people can charge what they want for what they create. If you don’t want it. Don’t pay for it. Look if you are blessed to afford the best bear and you can get it. It can be very sonically pleasing. Then do it. Now if you are also smart and knowledgeable you can get high end sound at mid-fi prices then do it. It’s the beauty of our our hobby. To build a system that competes with the better more expensive sounding systems out there. THOUGHTS?


I’m not sure if this is an audio conversation or a philosophical debate. Here’s my take, as unpopular as it may be. I’ve had the means to chase most if not all of the vices I assumed would fulfill me. Probably more voraciously than most. 

This year I reached out to God until He reached back. If you knew me, you would recognize the change is in no way insignificant. Rest feels good. 

If I found a free audio product, car, woman, drug that was a game changer, I’d tell you no doubt. I haven’t, but God is changing my filthy heart. Just like audio, you can read all the reviews, hear all the stories, and follow the popular opinions, but in the end you should try it out for yourself. 


Many enthusiasts are OCD, and OCD can be prone to outbursts. I have many friends so constructed and have learned to let it roll off of me because I otherwise learn a lot of new things from such folk.


That's an interesting post. Some say there is only one God, but all seem to agree there are many facets to this God, making it difficult to determine precisely where "God" stops and other things start. Take the trinity, for example, or angels or other things that are above man but below something else. There's never just one, single part to it. I'm of the opinion there is no clear line of demarcation describing what is and isn't "God." So you reached out to some part of God, and some part of God reached back, and the message was "try it out for yourself?" If so, that's similar to my experience. The words in my case were more like "I can't make subjective decisions for you. You'll have to decide for yourself what is important to you." 


Sir, your post has the makings of a long, enjoyable conversation! Very deep subject matter indeed. Simple and complex at the same time, for me anyway. 

Thanks for taking the time and effort to write, all the best to you! 


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