It seems like when I see comments on high end gear there is a lot of negativity. I have been an audiophile for the last 20 years. Honestly, if you know how to choose gear and match gear a lot of the high end gear is just better. When it comes to price people can charge what they want for what they create. If you don’t want it. Don’t pay for it. Look if you are blessed to afford the best bear and you can get it. It can be very sonically pleasing. Then do it. Now if you are also smart and knowledgeable you can get high end sound at mid-fi prices then do it. It’s the beauty of our our hobby. To build a system that competes with the better more expensive sounding systems out there. THOUGHTS?



Sir, your post has the makings of a long, enjoyable conversation! Very deep subject matter indeed. Simple and complex at the same time, for me anyway. 

Thanks for taking the time and effort to write, all the best to you! 


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@asctim perfect post. We look at this stuff and put too much into it at times.  In life there are way more important things. 

The way people toss around the word “hate” these days can often be a bit much.  
A convenient way to dismiss a contrary opinion; “you’re just a hater.”  
Not mature, not constructive, and probably a projection.

Audiophiles are punchlines in society.  
The general perception seems to be, “socially inept, affluent, middle-aged white dudes oozing snobbery while listening to Diana Krall, Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, and Brothers in Arms, Aja and Dark Side of the Moon for the trillionth time.”
I don’t think I’m tellin’ tales outta school with that, as far as general public perception is concerned.

Perhaps people haven’t heard high-end hear because they can’t afford it, have absolutely no reason to even consider pursuing it, and have 0 friends that have such gear.

There are lots of groups that obsess over their one little thing and don’t seem to carry the same stigma of brazen snobbery as audiophiles.

Cliches often become such for a reason.  
“Audiophiles are lame, snobby jerks” is no exception.

The problem with "cliches" is that they are not even true or wrong , they are caricature asking to be slogan and wanting to be repeated ...

i obsess with my low cost audio system because it gave me the eternal joy of music listening ...

My wife with a ears loss and looking at my modified speakers (100 bucks ) think that i am nuts but no snob jerk ...

As you see there is exception all are not snob , some are simply "nuts" , myself i prefer to say of myself acoustically informed but it is too pedantic generally to say such thing , then call me "nuts" ...😁😊


«I will love to hate sometimes  but it is too much work»--Groucho Marx 🤓

Cliches often become such for a reason.
“Audiophiles are lame, snobby jerks” is no exception.