It seems like when I see comments on high end gear there is a lot of negativity. I have been an audiophile for the last 20 years. Honestly, if you know how to choose gear and match gear a lot of the high end gear is just better. When it comes to price people can charge what they want for what they create. If you don’t want it. Don’t pay for it. Look if you are blessed to afford the best bear and you can get it. It can be very sonically pleasing. Then do it. Now if you are also smart and knowledgeable you can get high end sound at mid-fi prices then do it. It’s the beauty of our our hobby. To build a system that competes with the better more expensive sounding systems out there. THOUGHTS?


Show us how "dick" can be used as a verb.”

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You have my post deleted only to quote it. What a manly maneuver. 

You're way over your head on this.

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I am always open to new tech. So far I have been very unimpressed with Dolby Atmos. Particularly with upmixes. Not sure what any tech can do better than the BACCH and the BACCH works with the vast body of stereo recordings in existence. No up sampling. And when I test it for accuracy it is pretty much perfect

@scottwheel I audited the BACCH extensively, had Choueiri do me the demos (talked to him a lot), etc before i bought it. I have it tweaked it to the point where it sounds better in my room than what i experienced with Edgar’s demo. BACCH is perhaps the best thing that ever happened with 2 channel stereo. But, if you have a big enough room to set up 4 serious speakers (that mean business) and can apply the same ethos that you would apply for a high-end hifi setup (i.e., no dinky li’l sht speakers and 16 of them in a room the size of a closet!!, i.e. the typical hometheater dude’s dumass setup for atmos), Sony’s 360 reality SSM is freaking nuts good, granted you are patient and took the time to study/set it up/calibrate it correctly. Most dudes write off object based audio as something inferior for movies because there’s a big learning curve, they set everything up incorrectly and call it quits. On the same note, Sony’s stuff is quite different from Atmos or Auro. It’s cheap to try it out too/nothing to lose there, i.e.,less than a 3rd or 1/2 the cost of BACCH for entry.

You are right about the phone then i apologize for my remark ...


As for the BACCH SP I have already written about it on the thread regarding EQ. What more would you like me to say about it? And keep in mind, *this* thread is about making up reasons why some audiophiles hate “high end audio.” It’s not about actual game changing new technology in audio.

You are right about this specfic thread question too too ...😑

My observation was there only to say that BACCH filters is a more interesting matter and more important than your debunking invitation to solve costly cables differences obsession among audiophile ...


For me audio is mainly and primarily about acoustics not about price tag...Then not about double blind test either ...More about acoustics parameters as in the BACCH filters case and real revolution .. You are way more well placed than me to spoke about it if you mind about people here and mind about giving them a real important information instead of a patronizing song ......

I guess it is the case for you too acoustics matter the most  , if i put aside your double blind test protocol insistance which insistance is also partaken by the objectivist crowd ...Hence the negative reaction against you from people who dont want to be patronized , nevermind if they are wrong or right about their cables tasting with or without double blind tests ...

Hate come from ignorance...There is nothing else to say about hate ...


“Sony’s 360 reality SSM is freaking nuts good,”

I will do some research on it while I’m in China and look into doing some auditions when I get back. Up mixes are a big concern to me. 

“My observation was there only to say that BACCH filters is a more interesting matter and more important than your debunking invitation to solve costly cables differences obsession among audiophile ...”

Go back to my original post in this thread. The ONLY thing I was trying to debunk were the cliche mischaracterizations of audiophiles that accept what science tells us about the audibility of certain controversial elements of high end audio. It’s not jealousy, it’s not a lack of experience, it’s not a lack of “resolution” in my system or any of the other made up reasons. Clearly that original post started a fire here. 

now what more would you like me to say about the BACCH that I haven’t already said? I am happy to talk about that!