Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?

There seems to be an excessive number of Jeff Rowland products for sale on Audiogon. I happen to be one of the sellers. In the past there would be 8 or 10 items for sale but suddenly there are double that amount of items and they seem to be selling very slowly. Does anybody have any thought on why?
Is it any surprise that those who don't own and who have never owned Rowland gear bash it? This is analagous to the ugly guy saying Playboy's playmate of the month must be stupid-- she'll never sleep with him anyhow, but now he feels better because he's taken her off the pedestal. Sniping at Rowland while listening to your surround sound receiver must be comforting.

Comments like "anything made today will run circles around " are simply ignorant.

What, exactly are the huge technological advances that have been made in stereo pre-amplifier design in say, the last 15 years? For extra credit, show the validity and technical merit of these so-called advances in light of the staying power of tube preamps and amps with numerous audiophiles (many with designs that are positively antique). Show your work.

No credit for --"you old 2-channel farts are just used to that sound, that's why you like old gear"-- type answers will be given.
Delighted to have you weigh in on this topic. I agree that those who speak negatively about Rowland gear are likely doing so from a position of ignorance. To my way of thinking, Jeff Rowland has contributed more to the advancement of the High End art form than anyone else. And I'm not speaking solely of appearance when I say that. A careful investigation of his offerings will leave one better informed about State of the Art and more appreciative of the effort that can be made toward that end by one man committed to improvement and disinterested in marketing.
well well i am listening to my jeff rowland 8T with my consonance pre. (which by the way has the best sounding phono i have ever heard) my sources are oracle delphi MKII table and sony sacd xa777es with alon MKV millerized speakers and the music it produces is absolutely heavenly, i've owned lots of macs/krells/classe/copland just about endless systems but nothing comes even close to the 8T period
Asa's quote from his 3-11-03 post:

"4.4 trillion projected deficit + cost of Iraq "war" and occupation + Japanese impending bank implosion + $40+/barrel sweet crude + housing bubble + predominant tax breaks for top 5% + highest unemployment rate since last Bush recession + a thousand points of Perle's imperialist light + a yellow ribbon around your neck = tick, tick, tick..."

Good call Asa, especially the housing bubble part, recognizing it for what it was so early on. Now tell us, how did you know when so many of our lawmakers and policymakers didn't, hmmmm.