Why isn't better quality used gear being made available?


I've been scanning used gear for a while trying to look for an amplifier and a line stage pre-amplifier. To me it seems like quality higher end gear being made available is Limited.  Maybe it's a good thing that all this quality gear I'm looking for doesn't want to be sold .

I have never been able to find used cables that are what I'm looking for from transparent, cardas, ect,  or other worthwhile brands in the mid to upper price ranges. I guess people keep their old used cables in a box and don't even bother selling them . Maybe it follows that Quality used components sit on a shelf in someone's basement not being sold. It's tough giving up quality audio components even if you don't plan to use them and maybe keeping them around as back up or for a third listening room that never happens.


A month ago there was PS Audio BHK 300 amps on every site.  And today there are none that I can find.  I’m not sure what you are looking for, but you have to just keep looking.

All the best.

Strike a deal as soon as it pops up and be prepared to drive a few hours if need be! 

There are plenty of high quality products for sale in the used market. It takes a bit of looking and waiting, but lots of good audio gear ends up on the second-hand market. Because there are no high-end equipment owners who last forever, among other reasons. But if you are in a hurry, and understanding that your time is worth money, why not pay market prices for new equipment? Why expect to have bargain prices for top-shelf gear in a hurry? ECON 101! Best of luck in your search.

Interesting comments.  I guess if you're spending 30 or 40,000 on an amplifier they're probably aren't too many of them and when they do happen to appear in an ad they are discounted nicely sometimes. Instant gratification to buy something like this is not really possible. I've been lucky with my dealer he manages to get new things very quickly for me.

I’m beginning to think a lot of stuff being sold on the higher end is sold off as part of estate sales. Along with all the antiques and furniture other stuff to empty the house of things nobody in the family wants I guess. Maybe the estate Area is the place to find choice items.


You funny man.

There is a ton of used quality equipment available. Where it becomes difficult is when the shopper is unwilling to be flexible and only wants a very specific make and model. Things get worse if they limit their interest to a specific version or, for example, color or veneer type, etc. 

But, I also agree with the other post that @emergingsoul's posts are unique. My guess is that he gets his jollies from being a pot-stirrer.