Why Isnt Techincs 1200 Considered Audiophile?

Technics is known for its rock solid build quality low wow flutter, low noise rock steady speed, great torque and powerful motor so why isnt it given the accolades as a musical turntable?
I always get a giggle at how sl1200 mk11 owners over sell the virtues of these tables. Sloppy arms , and too much rubber in the base sucking the life out of the analog sound and the noise from a lesser bearing mounted on a motor with all the electronic noise and power supply right there singing along with the over correcting circuitry . But.................... 
For the price back in the late 70's and early eighties they actually were not a bad table comparably speaking when reality isn't strained and embellished to be more than what they were/are.
Popular with DJ's for durability and price has made people incorrectly state they were made and designed as such, but they were not. They actually were marketed as a "hi fi consumer table", who's durability , low cost and ease of use
made them very popular for DJ's and an easy sell for the average consumer. 

I have seen and heard the new SL 1200GAE , and other than being made to look like a MK11, it ends with the looks. Substantially better table in *all regards*. Just like Jeff's Audiomod arm is , and other than using a Rega arm tube, nothing about it says Rega when it plays music. I still consider his arms one of the few real/true bargains when it comes to price vs value/performance in audio.  
A true bargain (under $1200) is Technics EPA-100 and many more vintage Japanese tonearms made by SONY, JVC Victor, Denon, Micro Seiki, Audio Craft, SME etc, but people love to talk about some new ugly arms made in garage by some enthusiasts, seriously, the Audiomods is one of the ugliest tonearms ever made, do you think it’s better sonically than EPA-100 for example or better engineered than producsts from Victor Laboratory? Rega is another example of the ugly tonearms on the market. And why do you think the Audiomods is better than new Technics tonearms that comes with GAE?
"Regulating a direct-drive motor's speed with a phase-locked loop produces tight speed control and measurably low levels of wow and flutter, but the motor's constant, ultra-high-speed hunting and pecking as it over- and undercompensates in the attempt to produce a consistent speed can create a jitter effect in the mid-treble to which the human ear is particularly sensitive, adding a hard, brittle texture to music. That describes the sound of Technics' now-discontinued SL1200 series of direct-drive turntables, and explains why, despite their high build quality and relatively low price, few are used in serious audio systems, though some listeners claim that these 'tables can be modified to improve their sonic performance."

The problem is that ultra-high-speed hunting isn't real.  Never happens. 

I'm fine that he doesn't like it.  Couldn't care less, really.  No need to make-up imaginary problems to justify a position. 
Who "thinks the Audiomods is better than (the) new Technics tonearms that comes (if it's multiple Technics tonearms, it should be "come") with GAE"? Not me---I said no such thing. Geez, false quotes are becoming really rampant on AudiogoN, aren't they?
@jpjones3318Where do they come up with these assesments high speed hunting nonsense