Why leave feedback if the Audiogon team is just going to remove it?

I recently bought a power cord from member "troy10".

I left this feedback - which was later removed by Audiogon for what reason I have no idea.

Only leaving NEUTRAL instead of NEGATIVE on the off chance the seller did not actually know this power cord was not authentic. I currently own 3 LessLoss power cords and have two very good audio buddies that own 7 between them. I have also owned 3-4 more in the past as my system(s) underwent change. When this cable arrived, I noticed right away that it was missing the normal "LESSLOSS" decal and the "OYIADE.COM" decal on each end of the cable. When I contacted the seller, he said that just because there are no stickers, that does not mean that it is a fake. I checked my existing cables and called my friends to confirm as well, and all 10 of the power cords had both of these stickers present at each end of the cable. It was only after several messages back and forth between myself and the seller that he finally said "I removed the stickers". THIS IS INCREDIBLY DECEPTIVE... I now have to go through the arduous process of making a claim on PayPay to get my funds back...very disappointed with this transaction.
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John, unfortunately I didn't get to read your last response as the Audiogon staff decided to remove it.

I think maybe you are right though... I need to "man up" and "put my big boy pants on" and be like you and the other audiophile fools on here and go buy retail.  That way I can spend $8,000 for a brand new, shiny CD player instead of grabbing one used for 1/3 that price from someone like you when they get bored of it after a year.... good economic plan!

Also.... if I am spending too much time on these forums (243 posts), then what are you doing exactly (5,754 posts).... maybe math was not your best subject?
audiofreak, the way you conduct yourself on this forum,  I would never buy or sell with you.  You are rude
I can understand your position, however if that is the case then what does that say for the post that "jmcgrogan2" left for me that prompted my response in the first place?  His post was removed by Audiogon.  I suppose that means that you DEFINITELY not buy or sell to him then?
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