Why Listen To FM Radio For Music Anymore At Home?

With the proliferation of all of the great streaming services and great DACS, why would anyone listen to FM radio for music on their main rig at home any more?. I only listen to FM in my car now.
I grew up with radio. It's part of my DNA. From AM top forty in the 1950's through progressive rock FM in the 70's and 80's, radio has always been there to introduce me to new types of music and new artists. Throw in also that I live in the NYC listening area which is still blessed with great programming from college and NPR stations and program hosts who are knowledgable about the music they play and it all adds up to intelligent, satisfying listening.
Granted, today the radio experience has been dumbed down by bland "one size fits all" corporate radio by the likes of iHeart and others and many radio markets have nothing but this mind deadening junk. Radio isn't as important as it used to be but if you're in the right area then take advantage of what it has to offer,
I have an excellent NPR station locally, and a McIntosh MR-74 modified by Don Scott and it sounds great...