Why little mention of Air Tight on Agon?

My first experience with Air Tight was the ATM-2. A wounderful amp that uses the KT-88 tubes. I now own ATM3 mono amps. Each amp features 6 EL34 tubes. one each 12AX7 and 12AU7 and a superb Tamura transformer. Power rating is 55W in triode mode and 110W in non-triode. ( I use only triode)

These amps are quiet, dynamic, excellent soundstage ( varies with preamp ) firm control of base and great presenentation throughout the range. Voice is extremely realistic and properly placed in the soundstage. They reveal all of the up-front components which has caused be to try many preamps.

I would love to compare these to the new ASL Hurricane recently praised in TAS. As I read the Hurricane article, I could hear on my system exactly what the review described!
OK, maybe not exactly as I was not in his room, but the point is that these are great amps with little mention on Agon. Is it because there are few dealers??

And now for the disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Air Tight in any way - just a satisfied listener.
Few dealers, insufficient marketing effort ($$$$), and the equipment is perceived as very expensive by the average audiophile. As for performance, I heartily agree with your appreciation for their products. Their 300B SET amplifier is superb. Enjoy.
Good question Noble110. I have not had the pleasure of hearing their more powerful amps. i got to live with the Air Tight 7 watt amp on my Coincident TE. On recordings that were not too demanding, I thought this speaker amp combination to be one of the finest sounds I have had in my house. This rather large amp for 7 watts also drove the Venture speaker which is a 4 ohm load with ease until pushed. This was also the best i have heard the Venture sound as long as you used common since. Not real good with classical. I would love to find a speaker for this great 7 watt Air Tight amp. Some will find it hard to believe but the 7 watt Air Tight did things in the bass that the Pass X350 couldn't touch. Speaking of touch, you had the feeling you could reach out and touch the performers. If the Air Tight larger amps have the same kind of magic as this 7 watt baby, I can't help but wonder why there is so little said of Air Tight also.
I owned the ATM-3s.A nice amp.The supplied EL-34s failed after 6 months.Repleced with AEG EL-34s from Art Monzano-no comparison to the original Siemens I heard.Finally put Siemens in and lasted for five years.Binding posts and attached power cord are not what I expected from a $10K amp.If you think the ATM-3s are good,take a listen to the Lamm,there's another world out there to be conquered.The ATMs are musically colored and not as transparent.You end up paying for the importation and statis,like an Accuphase.Just my opinion,take it with a grain of salt.
I have the ATM-2's also, an incredeble performer in all ways as you have mentioned. I think Air Tights lack of press simply has to do with the fact that they rarely make any new models. The ATM 2 was originally reviewed back in 1990. They simply improve what they have without giving it a MK II designation.