Why little mention of Air Tight on Agon?

My first experience with Air Tight was the ATM-2. A wounderful amp that uses the KT-88 tubes. I now own ATM3 mono amps. Each amp features 6 EL34 tubes. one each 12AX7 and 12AU7 and a superb Tamura transformer. Power rating is 55W in triode mode and 110W in non-triode. ( I use only triode)

These amps are quiet, dynamic, excellent soundstage ( varies with preamp ) firm control of base and great presenentation throughout the range. Voice is extremely realistic and properly placed in the soundstage. They reveal all of the up-front components which has caused be to try many preamps.

I would love to compare these to the new ASL Hurricane recently praised in TAS. As I read the Hurricane article, I could hear on my system exactly what the review described!
OK, maybe not exactly as I was not in his room, but the point is that these are great amps with little mention on Agon. Is it because there are few dealers??

And now for the disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Air Tight in any way - just a satisfied listener.
Thanks for your comments. I have replaced the EL34 with Mullards, and upgraded the '12 tubes. With these upgrades I have $4,000 total invested. The Lamm amps are outstanding, but for the price used the Air Tight amps are a real value.
Noble110, You might try installing an IEC connector and experiment with power cords.Replace those binding posts and replace the internal wire {I used a cryo'd 35ga. silver },not to mention tube dampers {maybe the Mapleshade}.These mods will improve the tonal neutrality and increase low-level resolution.
I have the AirTight 300B amp (is this the 7 watter mentioned by Brulee?) and have done some tube rolling. It's an amp I intend to keep and would love to find another for vertical bi-amping of my ProAcs. The amp is superbly made except for the EU approved speakers binding posts which I intend to replace. I've had 5 tube amps (PP, SET, & OTL) and this is the most musical and satisfying.

I understand AirTight is only 3-4 people and this would explain the lack of advertising and recongition in this country.

Anybody got a 300B version they be willing to talk about?
Thanks Tpsonic. I will be installing the tube dampers and looking at the power cord upgrade.Also will be installing the dampers on my Supratek preamp. I agree that the stock cord is a surprising choice for a high$$ retail amp.