Why Merlins sound better then Sonus Faber

Why do Merlin Speakers 1/5 the cost of SF sound better then even the top Sonus Faber models? or am I wrong...

How do the Merlins do with less than perfect positioning (due to WAF)? Specifically, how about 3' from the back wall?
admranger, this is a very good question.
the black magic versions are more relaxed in the lower treble and upper mids so they do not suffer from the additve aspects of boundary refelctions (like the prevoious models). plus they may benefit from the additional boundary reinforcements for you as well. usually, when you move a speaker back in the room like this the focus and layering suffer. the only way around this is to damp the reflections on the rear and side walls. not necessary with the black magic edition. the bme's are much more user friendly.
thank you for the thoughtful question.
bobby at merlin
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On a more serious note, I hope you have the new black magic version of Bobby's speakers. A local seller here came over with his older TSM MMM for a comparison and results are truly different.

As for Sonus Faber, which model did you hear? and was it with the same electronics in your home?
vangster, fyi, your black magic merlins use the vented renaissance tweeter, a greatly improved cryoed musicap, a solder formulation change and termination enhancement. agreed, the black magic tsm is "truly different" sounding than the original master tsm, the mmm.
thank you.
bobby at merlin
I'm curious now!

I own the SF Concerto Grand Piano and enjoy them a lot. In my own experimentation I have heard them sound awesome (like now) and so-so with some gear/cable.

For you guys that have heard the Grand Piano, should I seek the Merlin?? Or do you feel synergy is key to these huge differences in opinion?

Just asking opinions, no other agenda.