Why no as many post about music vs equipment......

This web it has been a second university for me in the last 5 years and I am extremely thankful for all of you that always answer my questions as a novice and in general about the hobby!

Call my attention if we all are looking for the music sublime experience why no as many post about music itself?

I am getting curious about two terms audiophile or musicphile, if we spend a great deal of our lives playing with gear trying to achieve unrealistic expectations that only exist in our dreams, taking a huge amount of time that we can dedicate to explore different kind of music around the world.

This days I am trying to educate myself that is all about the music that I am in the hobby no technicalities as a main course.

Don't take my comments personal is just my opinion and in part to start a debate to clear some of my concerns and misunderstoods about two hobbies in one or something else I might haven't found yet.

Thank you again,

Happy weekend.
Music is so subjective, a particular polka song may be fantastic, spectacular even, the pinnacle of polka music, but if you aren't a fan of polka music, you won't appreciate it, so there isn't really anything to discuss.

Besides, like Religion and Politics, most folks already "have their own" and don't really care what your opinion may be.

Equipment on the other hand is universal, and it can be compared and contrasted in an objective manner that has widespread appeal.

Rather than discuss Bible vs. Torah vs. Quran, we are here to discuss the various types of ink, paper, bindings, and so forth.

This is my opinion.
This may be because we can relate to the experiences we have with the sound produced by the equipment but not necessarily connect with the music preferences (style, genre, etc) themselves.
I find as I've become more satisfied with the equipment I've put together I spend less and less time on the equipment forum discussions. More and more the music discussions are what interest me the most. So, at least for me, once the hardware lives up to a certain threshold of satisfaction it becomes less and less of the focal point. This threshold will vary greatly from person to person but getting there is a good part of the fun and we really just approach it, we're never quite done.
Simply this is predominantly an equipment/gear web site. Yes there must be music but they have plently of music as focus websites to visit. Equipment websites are it seems to me in rather short supply comparitively. just my 2 cents , I like gear and I am not afraid to say so..,BTW i don't play test tracks over and over.
I'm not an audiophile at all but I find Agon interesting. The music forum is sparse but its why im listening to Mozart Piano Concertos 20,21,23,24 & 25 right now. There's not as many people on here who are in constant gear rotation as it might seem.