Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?

Wondering why more people aren't into reel to reel if they're looking for the ultimate analog experience? I know title selection is limited and tapes are really expensive, but there are more good tapes available now than ever before.
People refer to a recording as having "master tape quality",  well you can actually hear that master tape sound through your own system and the point of entry to reel to reel is so much more affordable than getting into vinyl.  Thoughts? 

"Hello fuses, my old friend.
Geoff has come to talk to you again.
Because an electron softly creeping
Induced a field while he was sleeping.
And the direction, that was planted in his brain
Still remains
Outside the bounds of science


With his Walkman he walked alone
Through narrow hallways he calls home
Neath the halo of the directional camp
He dreams of cables but he has no amp
And his eyes were stabbed by scattered laser light
That CD wasn’t right
It was outside the bounds of science


And in the audio forums there he saw
Ten thousand “philes”, maybe more
“Philes” posting without considering
That $15 for a $3 spring is price gouging
“Philies” buying things, without even a care
Because no one dared
To question the bounds of science


Robert said, ah you do not know
Geoffkait’s posts, like a cancer grow
Read his words that fail to teach you
Collected thoughts designed to mislead you
Because his words, like a teleportation tweak fail
Or magic pebbles that are on sale
Are outside the bounds of science"

Simply awesome. Difficult to suggest any improvements in lyric or scansion. Geoffkait should indeed be honoured by that loving tribute.

As Geoff seems to be not only a leading light here but also for the vanguard of alt/fringe audio community, perhaps he could use this as an intro when he finally steps up and embarks on an online head to head with his polar nemesis, Ethan Winer. 

Ethan seems to be the modern incarnation of the audio critic himself, the late great Peter Aczel, whilst Geoff seems determined to follow in the shoes of his hero, Peter W Belt.

That would be very much worth seeing.
I'd like to also think that Paul Simon would have no objections.
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Get a listen to  Bill Evans: Waltz for Debby or any other of the great titles
and you will wean yourself off of vinyl. Here are the better sounding ones.
A fellow audiophile wanted a few of us to join him in his R2R quest.

He had 2nd and 3rd gen tapews from some noteworthy recordings’

They sounded very nice but I ‘m not sure if they would be more resolving than my analog rig

He want us to split the cost of tapes he already owned and duplicate copies down a level and have us pay equal for those

I already have stellar copies, I don’t need a new toy, opportunity for it to break and very expensive and limited catalog.

If I was a well know professional acoustic musician - compose demo or release quality stuff -  I would be all over it