Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?

Wondering why more people aren't into reel to reel if they're looking for the ultimate analog experience? I know title selection is limited and tapes are really expensive, but there are more good tapes available now than ever before.
People refer to a recording as having "master tape quality",  well you can actually hear that master tape sound through your own system and the point of entry to reel to reel is so much more affordable than getting into vinyl.  Thoughts? 
Get a listen to  Bill Evans: Waltz for Debby or any other of the great titles
and you will wean yourself off of vinyl. Here are the better sounding ones.
A fellow audiophile wanted a few of us to join him in his R2R quest.

He had 2nd and 3rd gen tapews from some noteworthy recordings’

They sounded very nice but I ‘m not sure if they would be more resolving than my analog rig

He want us to split the cost of tapes he already owned and duplicate copies down a level and have us pay equal for those

I already have stellar copies, I don’t need a new toy, opportunity for it to break and very expensive and limited catalog.

If I was a well know professional acoustic musician - compose demo or release quality stuff -  I would be all over it
Vinyl  /   High Quality Analog Tape  / High-Res digital

Which of these sounds least like the other two?

Vinyl.  High-Res digital and high quality analog tape sound similar. Vinyl does not sound like analog tape.
" Vinyl does not sound like analog tape."
that statement is very funny. I would be inclined to think the same with an inexpensive phono stage but not with a decent stage.

if you compare the 45 rpm pressings to the 15 ips tape they are much closer than a hi rez down load. 
I have done several transfers of 15 ips to 24/192. the transfers sound very good, but a quick comparison shows its a copy .

Without a whole lotta tweaking CDs can’t really compete with much. The three basic necessities are mechanical isolation - isolate the player, isolate everything! - stiffening and damping of the disc Itself and first and foremost: elimination of the scattered background laser light. Then you’d have a fighting chance. As fate would have it I sell the only comprehensive solution to the scattered light problem and have The Mystery Tweak for problem no. 2 but can’t reveal it; otherwise it wouldn’t be a mystery, would it? Even cassettes have a great many variables, it’s never easy!

One final thought: there are no absolutes. Everything is relative - A. Einstein