Why No McIntosh Recommendations?

As I read, and continually read through posts, nobody really talks to McIntosh Products, or recommends McIntosh Products.  Why?  I can understand why they are not getting their just due.  I think their sound stage is incredible and the tube products offer incredible warmth.  I own the 2600 PreAmp, 2152 Amp, and MT5 Turntable.  I love what they do for my Sonos Faber Serafino’s.  I’m a big fan.  Why don’t y’all talk to them more.  Now I know we all have our bias.  And I know that they may be out of many price ranges, but they are wonderful products, in my ears.  

BTW - Currently Listening to Hugh Maskela’s Hope on a Quality Pressings Release!  Sounds superb!  Excellent recording whether you are listening to a CD or a high quality a 180 Release from the original master tapes.
I dig Harley’s, could see myself with a C2600 but a Rolex...no way!!!!  They are just ugly 😊

Who owns McIntosh nowadays?  It's not like it used to be.

See that recent thread about the guy with the humming integrated, and the factory attitude.

+1 for "wlutke"
This site is not the place for Mac gear unfortunately. Check out "McIntosh Audio" on AudioAficionado.org and enjoy all the Mac comments you care to indulge in. I do agree however on the dislike of the Autoformers, which is why my Mac amp of choice is the MC7200.


I don't understand it when you and others say that McIntosh is overpriced. They perform well, they are reliable, and compared to many brands like Soulution and CH Precision, they're almost cheap.

I tried to be a fan but found I couldn't connect to the music, ditto for Wilson.