Why No McIntosh Recommendations?

As I read, and continually read through posts, nobody really talks to McIntosh Products, or recommends McIntosh Products.  Why?  I can understand why they are not getting their just due.  I think their sound stage is incredible and the tube products offer incredible warmth.  I own the 2600 PreAmp, 2152 Amp, and MT5 Turntable.  I love what they do for my Sonos Faber Serafino’s.  I’m a big fan.  Why don’t y’all talk to them more.  Now I know we all have our bias.  And I know that they may be out of many price ranges, but they are wonderful products, in my ears.  

BTW - Currently Listening to Hugh Maskela’s Hope on a Quality Pressings Release!  Sounds superb!  Excellent recording whether you are listening to a CD or a high quality a 180 Release from the original master tapes.
I’ve had numerous Pass Labs, ARC, and many others. Listened to Krell, Levinson, PSA, etc while working for a major dealer in the Midwest for a few years. McIntosh is just as good sound wise as any, it’s just a matter of opinion which you prefer. Reliability wise, it’s been better than most in my opinion.
ARC sounds good, but in my experience it’s exploding crap. Maybe I’ll start an ARC bashing thread

      McIntosh always reminds me of equipment owned by a middle aged guy who listens to Sinatra or Perry Como lps on still dressed in his work suit in the evening with a cocktail and maybe smoking a cigar or pipe.  He'd usually also have a new or newer Buick, Olds or Caddy sedan parked in the driveway.  
     I first started to get interested in stereo gear when I was about twelve in 1970 and I noticed a lot of my friends' dads had McIntosh.  I remember them all sounding very good and being told by everyone not to touch any of it. 
    I've always thought of it as good gear that lasts a lifetime and kind of looks like it.  As I starting building my own systems, I never really considered McIntosh gear seriously because I considered it not very exciting, kind of like your old man's equipment.

   All stereotypes I know. But I still have the same impression even though I'm now a dad and middle aged.  No offense intended and I know it's mainly good stuff because some of my more conservative friends own new and even classic older McIntosh gear.

I have listened to numerous McIntosh products through the years. I've also had 'heart-to-heart' talks with McIntosh dealers. Bottom line is that McIntosh tube products tend to sound much better than their solid state counterparts. Overall, if a comparison was to be made between the product lines of McIntosh and Audio Research, Boulder, Rowland, or several others; McIntosh would consistently come up short. McIntosh looks good and reliability is a strength, but to say that McIntosh is in the same league as the aforementioned companies is simply not true. 

By all means, start any thread you like. I don't own Audio Research gear presently but I have, like McIntosh, owned some in the past, very recently as a matter of fact. While you didn't mention in what role you worked at the dealer, "exploding crap" may be a bit strong don't you think? While I have never experienced one single failure of any Audio Research item I have owned in over 20 years, they did service a piece for me once that had a minor shipping mishap. Like McIntosh, their service is exemplary. I have heard of some ARC owners who have experienced a tube failure where it took out a resistor but I also never ran the tubes to zero, so I never experienced that. It's my understanding that was how it was designed though. Neither ARC nor McIntosh have handled USB perfectly though. Its a shame that the group has basically mishandled the Wadia part of their portfolio, its all but a footnote in the digital world now.


I agree with you regarding the glass/silkscreen. At least they went to fiber lighting a few years ago which solved the bulb changing requirements.