Why no tube loaner/testdrives--It's hard being an audiophile

I just wanted to vent for a moment. I'm going to quote my wife and file this under "It's hard being an audiophile" as there is some absurdity to the fact that I view this issue as a real life problem.

The issue: 

My Primaluna integrated amp has 6 premp tubes and 8 power tubes.  While the unit makes tube rolling a snap, it's (a) difficult to find or at reasonable prices NOS tubes in larger batches; (b) reissue or new tubes cost a bunch to experiment with. 

For example, if I want to swap in a set of Gold Lion KT77 power tubes (I've already tried the stock EL34s and Mullard re-issues), it's a small fortune to do so.  I think the GL KT77 may be the ticket, yet making another expenditure to find out seems pricey.  I wish I could borrow a set and pay a tryout fee, as opposed to spending $400 on a set. 
If you were a real audiophile you'd have at least four sets of tubes and their total value would exceed the value of the amp.  There's the stock set, the NOS stock set (used only for special occasions), the current production repro of NOS tubes for everyday use and at least one or two sets of ultra rare NOS tubes that you purchased more as investments.  Hey, let's talk about refurbished tube testers...
Ah yes, tube rolling is so expensive.  But it'll get worse.  You will soon realize you can actually buy 12au7 to 6SN7 tube adapters and once you start down that path, you will realize the inferiority of 12au7 tubes, change amps and want the super expensive 6sn7 like the Tungsol round plates.  Achieve tube nirvana you will.  
Ok, that's what happened to me but it can happen to you too:)