Why no used Sanders Magtechs?

I've been looking for months and they never come up. Are there just that few out there or are folks really that happy with what they got?
I'll chime in on the Magtechs. . .I have a pair of them driving my Sanders 10Cs. One per channel.

The Magtechs are effortless. There's nothing they can't handle and their sound is clean, neutral, and balanced. I've owned a Pass X250, W4S ST1000s, and NAT Audio Generators. The Magtechs are the amps I'll stick with for a long, long, time.

Roger offers a 30 day trial and pays the freight both ways. If you're really thinking of an amp change, you can't go wrong with that program. But I'll warn you. . .you won't send them back so make sure you're really prepared to pull the trigger.
I am also an owner of Sanders 10c and two Magtechs. After many, many years of buying and selling more amps that I can count, I've settled on the Magtech. It is an extraordinary beast, and about as neutral as they come. To top it all off, they are a relative bargain compared to many of the offerings out there.

I spoke to Roger not too long ago. He is selling a lot of these amps. The conclusion for the lack of used units is obvious. Finding a used Magtech is not impossible. One of mine was just that. Bought it from James Darby, the publisher of Stereomojo.