Why not horns?

I've owned a lot of speakers over the years but I have never experienced anything like the midrange reproduction from my horns. With a frequency response of 300 Hz. up to 14 Khz. from a single distortionless driver, it seems like a no-brainer that everyone would want this performance. Why don't you use horns?

I wonder how many "horny" readers are sitting back wondering what our naysayers would think if they sat in our sweet spot? If my ears are being tricked into thinking my Klipsch Lascalas are clean, mean, music machines when actually they are distorted/honky losers then my life is a fantasy delusion. Very possible. But strangely, I've never been more pleased with the music quality/experience. I've heard Klipsch Heritage line are so industrial that it takes years for them to break in properly! But maybe they are breaking my ears instead! Sitting in several audio rooms to evaluate other systems, nothing has equaled my sweet spot yet. But my chair is pretty comfy!  

I have many speakers and I still am enjoying my horn-loaded options more than the other types. Horns have been the most engaging the most entertaining and the most interesting loudspeaker types I have worked with over my 40 years of loudspeaker building. But I will add all my horns are fully horn-loaded. A hybrid horn ie horn with a ported box under can work very well but it's not the same as a full horn-loaded loudspeaker. But I do understand most wouldn't want such a large loudspeaker and to me, that's kind of sad small always sounds small to me, and real music isn't small. YMMV on all things rock on.