Why Not More Conversation about VAC?

As I browse Audiogon's posts...I'm constantly amazed at the lack of attention, questions, remarks about VAC, (Valve Amplification Company).
First and foremost, I'm thinking that most if not all of us are music lovers--and I'm not aware, subjectively, of course, of more, just out and out, musical sounding electronics. And, I don't mean that in a perjorative, 'colored' sense...I mean that in the most flattering sense.
The lack of comments may mean nothing, but it just strikes me as 'absent' from good discussions.
Second, and beyond the stellar sound, if you want great gear, and a great person to buy it from, who better in terms of accommodation, knowledge and service than Kevin Hayes. Like the Bobster (Palkovic) his reputation for building first rate stuff and then backing it to the hilt is unsurpassed.

Kevin is also a great guy AND music lover of the first order...a friend too, but I'm not shilling here, just seriously wondering why VAC isn't further up the discussion ladder.

Kinda like reading Motor Trend Magazine, in which they 'Test Drive' a Mustang in EVERY ISSUE!!!

Just wondering.

My post and evaluation of VAC is more than confirmed with Dev's eloquent statement.

I remember helping Craig Oxford (Owner of Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams) at the CES some years ago. He used Kevin's VAC in the smaller room with a pair of 18's.

I wandered in late on the day before the show's start, Kevin was worn out and said, "We can listen for a couple of minutes, I've GOT to eat."
Two hours later, after listening to all kinds of music, ending with Bobby Darin's LP--I was convinced of two things--Kevin is a great guy AND, he really knows how to design electronics--at least to MY taste, hence this OP.

Good listening.

I just bough a VAC Phi 200 to replace a McIntosh MC275 and think it was money well spent. The VAC is exceptionally musical and a joy to listen to. It does not have quite as gorgeous a mid-range as the McIntosh, but it actually seems more natural with better extension, better detail, and incredible dynamics.

But VAC is expensive, especially the preamps, and VAC gear doesn't show up for sale used very often. Hence there may not be as much discussion as there is for gear that frequently is listed for sale. In general, really expensive gear does not get discussed much. I cannot remember ever reading any owner impressions of Boulder amps, for example, nor do I ever see Boulder gear come up for sale used.
I've owned the Phi Beta 110i for just under a year now. I would make a number of observations:

1) Yes, it was expensive
2) It's probably the most beautiful piece of audio gear I've ever seen
3) It sounds even better than it looks

We all have differing opinions on perceived value. I can only say that this particular amp provides a great deal of listening pleasure. Is it worth it? To me it is.

Going back to the original question, I really have little idea why there seems to be comparatively sparse discussion of VAC products. Could it be that owners are more interested in listening to it rather than talking about it? I do know that Kevin loses no sleep over the lack of formal reviews of his gear, and that they are selling everything they can produce.
Dev: Your dissatisfaction with the CAT amps intrigues me - what was the problem? The lower-powered JL-1 monos were designed in part to be able to drive the MBL 101's.
One observation...
When Elizabeth said, that the VAC is overpriced compared to the Chinese Tube gear...I find that to be a disconnect for me.
That's kind of like saying...Mercedes/Jaguar is overpriced with the likes of Hyundai in the market.
I've yet to hear a piece of Chinese (Designed, not necessarily manufactured) Tube gear that sounds like VAC--and it's not hand wired, point to point as is the VAC--overall hand made like the VAC. (I can be corrected here if someone knows of such).

Like a couple of the posters on this query, I find the VAC to be among the best sounding electronics out there.
Cheap, NO, handmade and beautiful, YES. Let's compare apples to apples.

Good listening,