Why not use a piece of silver wire instead of a jumper cable?

Hi all! I seen a lot of comments about the quality of the speakers jumpers and how some people replace them with a piece of speaker cable. I replaced the speakers jumpers with a piece of silver wire. I can not said that the difference is notable right away, except in some musical passages where with the stock brass jumpers I could heard some harshness. To my ears with the silver jumpers the upper frequencies sound a little silky, not a day and night difference but still worth the change.

Has anyone replaced the stock jumpers with a silver wire?





If using a jumper to connect two sets of binding posts, connect your power amp cable to the tweeter posts. That way it is the woofer which sees the extra connections and jumper cable, not the tweeter.

"Tin the end with 4% silver solder and silicone the tube closed."


I've found that silicone makes the sound top heavy.


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I like your solution... better than jumper cables with additional connections (wire to termination).