Why on earth?

Answer me this:  On You-Tube, there are endless of reviews, comparisons, and demos of equipment played in the creators room, recorded by a mic and published as if we could hear anything relevant considering we are listening to OUR stereo!  Some of these have high play counts.   Does anyone think they could hear differences in an amp or DAC picked up by some unknown mic, A2D, post processing and played back on their HT?   Are we really that stupid? 

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Going to YouTube for sonic experiences is like drinking sea water when you’re desperately thirsty. It seems like a good idea in the moment, but a little but in that direction lies only madness.

Don’t you know the poem? : r/TheSimpsons

@macg19 +1 but...

Wow... why does Everything need to be about Absolutism? So... the YouTube audio of a Demo'd item is not the Be All and End All. I am convinced most people who are Audiogon participants are aware of the technical limitations on display there. Is it So totally egregious as to be important enough to publicly denounce the attempt to demonstate a product/system (to total strangers) and go on and on about it? Is not a Taste better than a Whiff?

I'd expect the Absolute Truth attitude from the patrons of a (Psuedo) Scientific Site or somewhere that everything gets reduced to Numbers, Ones and Zeros, graphs and measurements...Hmmmm 

I usually listen using headphones and, often, I can hear differences in components.  I would never use a YouTube video as the basis for a purchase but, I enjoy watching/listening sometimes.

I’ve watched a couple and just scratched my head. My iPad speakers are great for there size… but watching a video of a system playing music… huh?