Why People Like Tekton

I saw this You Tube clip yesterday and I really think this guy gave one of the most well-reasoned explanations of why some people gave up their hyper-detailed "audiophile" speakers for Tekton.  I've never heard them myself, but I think the same reasoning applies to many other brands like Harbeth, Spendor, Wharfdale, etc.  I personally feel the way he does, but I think he expressed it better than I would have.  Eventually, at some point in the journey, you may get tired of listening to the singer's saliva and chairs creaking and just want to relax and hear music in a more natural manner.and not with your ear 6" from the singer's mouth.  Or maybe you do.  Anyway - take a watch if you have the time.  And I'm guessing most of you do. 



The impact monitors are amazing with my art audio concierto tubes.People like them because they are not expensive.

Not a Tekton owner, in fact have not yet heard, but have a feeling I’d like … for a while. Maybe I’m just a speaker slut and listen around a lot. I’ve lived happily (for varying durations) with lots of different speakers … none perfect, and none for a LONG time, but all appreciated for what they were, not pilloried for what they weren’t. Maybe that’s also why my attempt to identify an end game speaker is a bit of a fools errand (for me anyway). Used to joke at work I was half arsonist and half fireman … modestly analogous here.

Low price shipping inc painted cabinets lots of posts and hype in audio forums.