Why power cable effect overall syste sound?

Power cables effect the system sound. This is a well-known fact. My question is why.. specially in case of low power type "A" amplifiers where current is constant. In my single ended 300B the cable creates huge difference. Does it points on power supply PSRR issue? Actually in case of well designed power supply, the power cable should not introduce any improvement. We are spending hundreds of dollars for the 1 meter of cable from outlet to IEG socket where meters of cheap wires running in the walls and it does work. The answer on this question is puzzling me.
I have to wait until I find a good Playstation to do a real acid test.Then I might get impressive audible results.

>>> have to wait until I find a good Playstation to do a real acid test.Then I might get impressive audible results."<<<

Like I said, for some that's the name of their game, making participation rather pointless. A fine example of what typically shows up in these threads.


I applaud you joining and participating in this thread. I find your comments extremely helpful and wish that there was more participation from industry to help clear the air for your (manufacturer) point of view.

I have no affiliation with, nor do I own any Shunyata products.

Thank you for your reply. I understand you notice a difference related to installation of aftermarket cords, and that the difference is universally not "better" in your opinion compared with stock power cords. What I think I was trying to say, is that I find a more consistent positive benefit from using aftermarket power cords on digital front ends, but find amplifiers a bit more finicky. I almost always notice an effect with aftermarket cords on sound produced by amplifiers, but just not always a "better" effect, as you suggest. Sounds like you feel the same way about aftermarket cords in all applications. Point well made and taken.

The rest of my post was not really aimed at you, and if you took offense, then I apologize. For the record, I value the effect aftermarket power cords can have on overall system performance, I find that effect is not universally positive in every application, and that care must be taken to match the characteristics of the specific cords and electronics in question. I know of no other method than to use trial and error, or rely on others experience, often gained from forums like this.

As both a consumer of commercial aftermarket products and an amateur tinkerer making my own cords I am fascinated by simple or complex explanations for how they actually work their "magic". People who are not interested in understanding this effect and post their positions on here are taking up electronic real estate and perceived by me as a waste of my time. Do they have a right to post here? Absolutely. Do I have to like it? Not one bit. Your comments do not fall into this camp, are well reasoned and add to my overall understanding of the topic. Again, thanks.
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