Why Purchase A CD Player or Transport ?

I am 100% invested in vinyl, but want to improve my digital equipment chain.

Once I’ve upgraded my streaming equipment, why purchase a quality CD/SACD transport?

Is there a large enough subset of music that sounds better via optical media?


I just bought an Audiolab 6000CDT last year and I probably use it 20-25% of the time. I have many CD’s and LP’s that aren’t on any streaming services. 

You ever hear of “ The Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band? LOL, I didn’t think so😁

The reason is obvious and it’s totally worth it. Look towards Japanese issued CDs. The library is huge with a lot of rare masterpieces. The quality is amazing. Also it’s good investment. Recently i was looking for Japanese Sony issue of “The Wall” album and I couldn’t buy it lower than $50. Couple years ago the price was around 30. German staff also could be very good, a specially Hybrid multichannel 2+2+2 recording. Try labels like Dabringhaus und Grimm. The SQ is truly amazing. 


I think everyone should have a nice DAC and streamer. Great way to listen to an absurd amount of great music. If you do have a nice DAC then adding a Cambridge CD transport for $600-$700 is not a big deal. I do have some titles that are not streamed or not streaming on the services I use. Also, There are different recordings or presses if you like of the same album. I just ordered a used 20th anniversary edition of Pink Floyd DSOTM. I heard it is supposed to be good. Just another way to enjoy the music that might not be out there. Maybe your Cd/ Setup sounds different because of the player or the cables that are connected. I have a really nice DAC/ Streamer but that doesn’t let me play Tommy Who or Paul Simon in 5 channel surround off of the SACD player. Just another avenue to enjoy this great hobby. 

I purchased the Audiolab CDT 6000 also.

No regrets. Sounds great. Not going to start down the streaming hole at the moment. Lots of good music in house. CDs and vinyl. Less wear and tear on cartridge too.