Why should audiophile deniers be allowed on an audiophile forum?

Why should we be subjected to audiophile deniers, on a site dedicated to audio?
It’s antithetical to the hobby and adds nothing to the pursuit. I want to quote something from another thread.

@djones51 wrote "exposing bull products like "audiophile switches, cables, fuses " and other highly questionable devices that serve no purpose"

What then, is the purpose of people with this agenda being on this site? To “expose bull products.” It’s fine for someone to post they tried a product and it didn’t work for them, but to dismiss entire product categories is not a discussion that belongs on an enthusiast forum.

Would a car enthusiast site stand for this type of post?

Try going on a Porsche forum, just for example, and posting that your Mustang is just as fast 0-60 and that others poster’s claims about their driving experience is “dubious.” See how long that will be tolerated

There are plenty of sites to poke fun at audiophile’s obsession with cables, power conditioners etc. Why does it belong here, especially when we can’t mute specific posters?

What’s next? Arguing that speakers that measure the same must sound the same and that we are all suckers for buying expensive speakers? I thought we got rid of trolling?

Isn’t it obvious with all the ASR related posts here lately we are being trolled?

A couple of months back I read a post here about someone that ordered a new cat8 cable from China. I tried it and posted back my fantastic results for others to benefit.

Personally that’s the kind of forum I’m interested in, not to come here to be challenged about what I hear and that since it can’t be measured so it must be “dubious.”






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You can drive a Mustang.

You can drive a Porsche.

You can’t drive a dubious power cable.

This entire thread mocks itself, as it tries to talk down what it doesn’t agree with, while lambasting those who don’t agree. 

Just dumb.

One audiophile’s denier is another audiophile’s (comparative) minimalist.

Including all comments and opinions makes for a tastier stew. Only the most offensive comments should be deleted and even this is a slippery slope.

What’s an audiophile


An audiophile is someone who believes that there is no solved problem in audio reproduction. Everything is always evolving. High fidelity is a road not a destination An audiophile was once blindfolded and brought in front of a live band in a concert hall and asked to criticize “the system” using only his golden ears. He proceeded to find 12 shortcomings (from loose bass to small soundstage) and concluded that his own system was much more realistic. OK, I am kidding.