Why so many amplifiers for sale?

I remember not so long ago when these things were the hot ticket item, touted by all the reviewers as the next-big-thing, giant-killer, blah blah blah. Once again, all of the hype proves to be just that, and now I count literally hundreds of them for sale. So what's the deal? Nobody likes amplifiers anymore? Moving onto some other world beater of a component, I suppose? Go on, tell me it's just because so many of them were sold, hence the vast sea of available product on the used marketplace. I don't buy it. Just like everything else, they've come and gone. Their fifteen minutes of fame are now over. CD players, too. Have you seen how many of those are up for sale? Tossed into the classifieds like a weathered mistress. I knew it was coming, and that's why I've been sticking to singing in the shower. None of this fly-by-night hobby plunging for me. I'm much too smart to get caught up in that.

And by the way, am I still in business? I've been e-mailing myself all week, and get no response.
Phd, I agree.I have 2 amps for sale.I am selling them
because I have 4 amps total.Instead of keeping them
in my house, I would rather sell them, so I can get
cash, to buy more music and maybe other gear.And for
others to enjoy them.
Because it's fun to try new gear...isn't that why we even come here?? If you buy once and hold forever, it wouldn't be much of a hobby.
Jayctoy, as we approach summer, sales do slow down. Audiogon's bread & butter is through sales and advertising. The forums are a by-product as well as a courtesy to its members. Without sales the forums may not exist at all since they generate no income but they do stimulate alot of interest & possible purchases. But more than that they keep members connected.

Garyk, its undeniable, trying new gear is fun & exciting. I don't even keep the same car for more than two years as its traded in on something newer but different. But for those that hang onto the same gear for any length of time, more power to you.
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TVAD, I thought it was an a foot & ankle thread, boy was I wrong. I'm just fooling with you. A few serious posts can stimulate a few more less serious answers and you & I just proved it.