Why so many angry audiophiles?

Just wondering. Music is supposed to soothe the soul. If you are in reasonably good health for your age, have a good system and good music to play on it you have it pretty good it seems to me. These are blessings! Be thankful for what you got?

Just a thought.  That's how I see it.
Absolutely! For the last two years I've had the excitement of a teenager with their first stereo. I got mine out from a 15 year hibernation. As I sit her tonight, listening to a very clean UK first pressing of Led Zeppelin III, I realize life couldn't be much better! It's been a blast starting my vinyl collection up again and upgrading all of my components. I'm very thankful.

There is no room for anger. Even when there is a disagreement with buying vinyl online. Today I donated a copy of Paul Desmond Take Ten to my local used hi fi/record shop for the owner to sell. The grading was way off yet the seller was uncompromising. It gave me more pleasure to donate the album to my home town guy and let him sell it cheap to somebody else than return it and have bad feelings about the seller. I'll just avoid him from here on out.
Interesting topic, I know I’ve trigged more than my fair share of audiophiles...this is a great forum for learning and sharing a common interest.

I for now am happy with my NAD HT receiver, I chose it for a dual purpose and I’m not disappointed. Hard to be angry when it captures the emotions of the music.

so cheers to all-I’m thankful for the great deals I’ve gotten on second hand gear, that allows me to relax to great tunes...

We are angry and paranoiac some times just because we always think that we are missing something in our best SQ pursuit, however any good psychiatrist can tell you that mild paranoia could have positive effect on person behaviour and leading to good results in some jobs. So it’s totally fine, it’s just pushing us to constant improvement rush. 
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Well, we better make sure not to be ruled by fascists soon.
I just donated $200 to food banks, will probably do it again in spring. I may be bad but not the baddest.
I save on my own food to buy audiophile stuff, by the way, but no I am not hungry at all.