Why so many Gallo 3 or 3.1 for sale on A'goN?

For a speaker that got rave reviews...there are sure a great number of pair of the Gallo Ref 3 or 3.1 being sold on AudiogoN.....usually with just a few months use. It's not just the ones for sale now...this has been going on for a few months.

Do these speakers just not sound good after a buyer listens for a few months or what?
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Tvad is absolutely correct. There could be a million reasons that there are so many for sale. These type of threads always confuse me. Not sure what you are tyring to accomplish.
For any component for sale on Audiogon, the number of used items for sale is usually directly proportional the number sold by the company. This may be the case with this speaker.
Good question! I heard these speakers at the HE Show in San Francisco three years ago and was impressed. I also noticed the same thing (and so did others as it was in the forum several times) about the Von Schweikert VR-4 Juniors. Never got a good explanation nor did anyone say they hated them. Only explanation I can think of is there are some folks with too much money who buy on a whim and then resell when they are done playing. There might also be people buying these for a significant discount and are selling for little or no loss. When a product is new and hot the odds of getting a good resale price is efinitely better.
my guess would be that the gallos are very unique and appeal to people that are adventurous/into experimenting with different speaker types. They try them out then its onto somthing else. my 2 cents anyway.