why so many gryphon diablo 300 integrated for sale now?

I get it when many amplifier from big name companies are resold on audiogon because there are so many out there just weird recently began seeing 2 or 3 gryphon diablo integrated for sale here and on us audiomart (not same unit).....

Timing is funny because when I had the pass integrated was considering auditioning the gryphon diablo because thought the warmer sound might be better suited for my taste.....but none were avail used here to give a try......new was too pricey....

well now I love my pass monoblocks and now they can be find at very reasonable prices......I guess a good opportunity for someone else.....the chatter was they were giant killers but perhaps as most things here YMMV....audiophiles are a fickle bunch......well I am sure should make someone happy to get it...
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Would work in recording studio?
i got a old system Macintosh 2300 and 4435 jbl
i wander if would  brings some type of improvement to the monitoring or even to the mixing stage 
@kredv i keep wondering the same thing! Now im thinking of replacing the chord qutest (set at 1v rms output) with the diablo 300 optional dac. Waiting for it to arrive to have a listen. Less connection w the internal dac may sound better technically? 
why so many gryphon diablo 300 integrated for sale now?
If they were there, there not now, they were all snapped up 

I know a few people that went from Gryphon 300 to either the Luxman 509 or 590 Models because they are warmer sounding. Some find the Gryphon to be Neutral to Dark sounding. Its all a matter of taste as always.
This doesn't make sense, "some find the Gryphon neutral to Dark" then selling it for something even darker (warmer)

Cheers George
Kerisabe, I have the Diablo 300 and the Chord MScaler and Hugo TT2.  I also paid $6K for the Gryphon DAC module.  And although I enjoyed the Gryphon DAC, I am currently running the Chord combo exclusively and loving it better.

Hope that helps?