Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?

If Raidho speakers are so great, why are there so many pairs for sale here?  These are not inexpensive speakers by any means and it seems at least every other day there is a pair for sale with some people having them only a few weeks to a few months, and they are really taking a bath on them.  What gives?  Are they not as great as they are made to be?  Is Jonathan Valin a shill for the company?

I heard the 4.1 diamond at Blink High End north of Boston and was very unimpressed.  I have heard many other highly regarded speakers for much less money sounding wonderful.  So, what gives?

Selfish, instantaneous, personal gratification is what America is all about IMO. Anyway, by buying "over-priced" Danish imports will mean some of my hard earned cash will, eventually, through Dantax A/S taxes (or other routes), get to the Danish government -- only for it to be spent on saving some Syrians from terror (or whatever, ZZzzz). So, in my own, small-minded and selfish way, I am doing MY bit for saving these people. Can you say the same? No!
You cheapskates intent on spending only a few pennies on domestic Hi-Fi are NOT Saving The Children (unlike me) Ha!, twisted logic in action.
In other words: "buy Raidho, save a Syrian"  ...  could this be the end of this thread? Hope so.

What about The Electric Recording Co charging 300 quid (or more for a re-issue classic LP? Maybe I should start a new one for that.
As an ex owner of Raidho and a current owner of Scansonics I say one is a "fools buy" being the Raidho as they dump in value  too quickly..Overprised for sure but the line changes way too often hence I think lots of older models available on the secondary market..Would I buy them again,no way unless a fire sale
melbguy11,313 posts11-09-2016 9:03pm"Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?"...because they have cheap cabinets and are massively over-priced (i.e: waste of money).
Well one thing is certain, few who enjoy the Magico sound will ever appreciate the virtues of Raidho. That is still no reason to embarrass yourself.

This thread is a sad reminder of how much better our hobby would be without the following:

1) People who are butt-hurt because they believed a reviewer and got burned and, in turn, are incessantly on the hunt for people they can berate as stupid by claiming those people did the same thing.

2) People who project their lesser economic paradigm on other people and berate them as stupid because the other people don't share that economic paradigm as the one-and-only correct view of life.

3) People who live to berate others as stupid for their gear decision with no knowledge of that person's: 1) system synergy; 2) listening preferences; and 3) purchase economics.

4) Shameless shills and profiteers masquerading as purveyors of truth and salvation.

System "synergy" is a very valid point. I find Magico's very clinical ... but then I heard them through different amps and hey-presto, a much more delightful sound, no longer clinical. Same goes for Raidho ... my humble Chord Electronic set-up works fine with them, but probably less so with [fill in blank].

The issue of the SYSTEM is really important.
It is physically impossible to comment on a product in >pure isolation< (that cannot happen, by definition). I suspect the issue of >system< synergy has been discussed previously in depth, but I must have missed it.

The notion of an absolute reference upon which to judge a single component them swapping out the component under examination seems valid. But is it fool-proof? I suspect not.