Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?

If Raidho speakers are so great, why are there so many pairs for sale here?  These are not inexpensive speakers by any means and it seems at least every other day there is a pair for sale with some people having them only a few weeks to a few months, and they are really taking a bath on them.  What gives?  Are they not as great as they are made to be?  Is Jonathan Valin a shill for the company?

I heard the 4.1 diamond at Blink High End north of Boston and was very unimpressed.  I have heard many other highly regarded speakers for much less money sounding wonderful.  So, what gives?

System "synergy" is a very valid point. I find Magico's very clinical ... but then I heard them through different amps and hey-presto, a much more delightful sound, no longer clinical. Same goes for Raidho ... my humble Chord Electronic set-up works fine with them, but probably less so with [fill in blank].

The issue of the SYSTEM is really important.
It is physically impossible to comment on a product in >pure isolation< (that cannot happen, by definition). I suspect the issue of >system< synergy has been discussed previously in depth, but I must have missed it.

The notion of an absolute reference upon which to judge a single component them swapping out the component under examination seems valid. But is it fool-proof? I suspect not.
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So many interesting posts. I sold my rockport aviors to a friend. So I am looking for a new speakers. Because i like to listen different and better speakers, Rockports are no longer in my scope. I am not saying Rockport is bad speaker, it is very good speaker indeed. When my search began, i had many names in my list. I tried many of them in my system, and had a chance to intensive demos with many of them. I can not say a certain things about demos, because my house, my system is different, and every speaker sounds better in home. But i have certain ideas about what i listened in my home. Because this is a Raidho topic, i will not share any opinions about other brands.

I have a Ypsilon Aelius mK2 mono power amps, Ypsilon active pst100 pre, Ypsilon VPS 100 Phono pre, couple Ypsilon SUT(large and small), Techdas Af2 turntable, Graham Phantom Elite tonearms, many cartridges, Ansuz Ceramic Speaker cables, 4 Ansuz Ceramic Power Cords, one Ansuz ceramic interconnect(sut to phono), and 2 Stage3 Gorgon Interconnects. Private electiricity line for every Ypsilon equipment. My room 7 meter X 9 meter.

I listened Raidho D1.1 in my system. All I can say is wow. Unbelievable sound stage, 3d images, clarity, definition, transparency, musicality all are exceptional. D-1.1 bettered Rockport Avior in every way(of course Avior play powerfull and more in bass area). By my experience I can clearly say, D1.1 is worth every penny and I cannot think any audiophile think D1.1 is not a exceptional speaker. Maybe it not suits you, but it is damnn good speaker.

I did not listened other raidho's in my system, but i demoed and listened them in many occasions. They did not give me the same impression. Were they good, were they performed well, yes. But I never had an idea about their potential, until listened in my home.

So, I dont know why so many raidho's for sale, but if you are looking for a really good speaker, and if their in your price range, give yourself a chance to have one(not give chance to raidho, i dont think they need it).